First Flight ROV

Designing, building, and competing Remotely Operated Vehicles since 2007

Advanced Competition-Ready ROVs

First Flight ROV creates remotely operated vehicles, or ROVs, for use in the MATE center's annual competition.

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About Us

  • Annual participation in the MATE competition
  • Undefeated Mid-Atlantic Regional Champions
  • 2010 International Champions
  • 7 member high-school team

What's An ROV?

A large ROV

Kaiko, a large research ROV.

A Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) is an underwater robot that allows the vehicle's operator to remain in a comfortable environment while the ROV performs the work underwater. An umbilical, or tether, carries power and command and control signals to the vehicle and the status and sensory data back to the operators topside.

Why do they exist?

In the case of ROV technology the answer is quite simple. There is no other practical, safe and economically feasible way to perform deep underwater intervention. ROVs are one of the best tools available to researchers as they can withstand pressure at extreme depths while minimizing the risk to human life and at the cost of valuable resources. ROVs may well be the best tool available to repair non-functioning equipment.